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Stephen K. Underwood is a Bankruptcy Lawyer serving West Seneca NY that has been representing bankruptcy clients for more than 25 years (see about).

New Yorkers believe in hard work, but for too many of us, no matter how hard or how much we work, the debts continue to be unmanageable, and there seems to be no clear way out. In the West Seneca community and throughout WNY, you could be facing foreclosure or repossession if you miss or couple of car or mortgage payments. Some creditors in New York will sue you for debts you owe them in a heartbeat. Serious debt troubles can’t be solved swiftly or conveniently, but West Seneca bankruptcy Lawyer Stephen K. Underwood will help. For more than twenty years, bankruptcy lawyer Steve Underwood has helped homeowners and families file for bankruptcy and get successfully on the path to a fresh financial start.

Need help because your are struggling with debt and want to stop creditor harassment and debt collector phone calls, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will help. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will let you discharge all unsecured debt such as personal loans, credit card bills, and medical bills. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will reorganize your debts and allow you to repay mortgage arrears and auto payments so you can keep your car and home. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the best answer for every debt situation, but it may be the best answer for many West Seneca residents who have a serious debt problem.

I help clients to get their debts wiped out, but this is not the end of the story. You will need to rebuild your credit at some point. Sometimes it is not easy to get credit after filing bankruptcy without some effort. Some people have more money to rebuild their credit than others, but the good news is that your credit can be rebuilt and I will offer advise on how it can be done. Generally speaking it involves making timely payments on secured lines of credit that report the payments to the credit reporting agencies. Most people do not have any problem getting a car loan after bankruptcy, so long as they have a good income source, but they will have to pay a higher interest rate.

Alternatives to bankruptcy, such as direct debt settlement negotiations with your creditors may be more appropriate for some clients who seek debt relief and resolution. A New York bankruptcy lawyer will assess your overall financial circumstances like your income, assets, debts, and obligations before suggesting that you file for bankruptcy. Get the help need and deserve, and take the first step now. Call Stephen K. Underwood right away at 716-656-7676 an experienced West Seneca bankruptcy attorney.

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