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Stephen K. Underwood is a Bankruptcy Lawyer serving Tonawanda NY that has been representing bankruptcy clients for more than 25 years (see about).

In Tonawanda, if you are at risk for losing your car or your home, if a creditor sues you, or if if a collection firm is harassing you with rude phone calls, the answer to your debt problems may be here. End the harassment and solve your debt problems starting now. Call 716-656-7676 and speak to experienced Tonawanda bankruptcy attorney Stephen Underwood about declaring bankruptcy and about the alternatives to bankruptcy. He has been helping Tonawanda residents and others in the WNY area to resolve debt issues for many years, and he is ready to help you.

Need help because your have serious debt problems and want to stop creditor lawsuits and debt collector harassment, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may help. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will let you discharge all unsecured debt such as credit card bills, and medical bills. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will reorganize your debts and allow you to repay past-due mortgage and auto payments so you can keep your car and home. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the best answer for every debt situation, but it may be the best answer for many Tonawanda residents who are struggling with insurmountable debts.

Tonawanda bankruptcy attorney Stephen Underwood advises clients with serious debt problems, so he understands your apprehension about filing Bankruptcy. He assists clients with filing the bankruptcy petition, and he answers all of your bankruptcy questions, and he can even recommend ways to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. When you work with Steve Underwood he returns your calls and emails promptly, and he is an experienced Tonawanda NY attorney who will personally handle your case. Wait no longer if you need a fresh financial start. Call 716-656-7676 and get the bankruptcy assistance you need.

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