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Stephen K. Underwood is a Bankruptcy Lawyer serving Lancaster NY that has been representing bankruptcy clients for more than 25 years (see about).

Stephen K. Underwood, for more than twenty years, has advised and represented those who most need immediate debt relief and long-term debt resolution in the Lancaster community and across WNY. If massive debts are weighing you down and you need answers fast, arrange right now to consult with experienced Lancaster bankruptcy attorney Stephen Underwood by calling 716-656-7676. You can discharge debt, stop creditor harassment, and get back on the path to financial freedom. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t necessarily the answer to debt, and it is not easy, but for many here in NY, it is the answer they need.

It sounds simple enough at first, but the bankruptcy process and the bankruptcy laws are actually quite complicated, and you will need the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney at each stage of a personal bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges all of your unsecured debts such as medical bills, personal loans, and credit card bills, but not everyone qualifies for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable for some people that are in arrears on secured debt payments, like mortages and vehicle payments, because it typically allows you to retain your assets and pay off your debts over a three-to-five-year period.

If you are in serious debt trouble, there may be alternatives to bankruptcy. What’s right for you, however, can only be determined after a careful review of your income, assets, and debts by an experienced debt attorney. Your debts are not going away, so there’s no time better than now to seek debt relief and a fresh financial start. For the legal advice and bankruptcy help you need in Lancaster or anywhere in WNY, call 716-656-7676 at once, and discuss your case with experienced Lancaster bankruptcy attorney Stephen Underwood.

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