Required Documents in Bankruptcy

When you file for Bankruptcy you will need to provide documents to your lawyer so that the petition can be drafted.

CREDITORS: Statements from Each Creditor that debtor owes money, or a credit report, or a list of creditors with the name, address, account number, and balance owed. Include mortgage statements that show a current balance, and statements on secured car loans and other secured loans on assets. Do not list utilities and other monthly expenses unless you have a balance that is past due that you will not be paying. Expenses and monthly payments belong in the monthly expense list below.

MONTHLY EXPENSE LIST: A list of all monthly expenses with a total at the bottom. (Note: If you pay a bill quarterly, or annually list monthly amount.)

PAYMENT ADVISES: Paycheck stubs or other payment advises for the 60 days prior to filing the petition indicating what the debtor earns in income.

EDUCATION IRA: Statements from any interest debtor has in an Education IRA or Qualified State Tuition Program.

CERTIFICATE OF CREDIT COUNSELING: Certificate from an approved Credit Counseling Agency that the debtor received the "briefing" required by §109(h) of the Code within 180 days of the filing of the petition, and if a debt repayment plan was developed through counseling, a copy of the plan.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COURSE: To be take and filed within 45 days after the Meeting of Creditors in a chapter 7 and no later than the date of the last payment in chapter 13 plan, or motion for entry of discharge in Chapter 13 case.

TAX RETURNS: Tax returns for most recent year before petition was filed to be provided to trustee at least 7 days before 341 meeting. In Chapter 13 cases, the debtor must file all tax returns required to be filed with taxing authorities in the four(4) years before the filing of the petition.

BANK STATEMENTS: Rule §4002(b)(2)(B) - Bank Statements, Checking, Savings, Money Market, Mutual Funds, Brokerage Accounts for the period of time that includes petition date that debtor possesses.

OTHER DOCUMENTS: Mortgage payoff or statement that shows principle balance of mortgage(s), payoffs or statements on secured personal property, titles to vehicles, Social Security Cards and Picture ID (bring to creditors meeting), appraisals on real property and other personal property appraisals (done in the last 2 years), statements on retirement accounts (Pension, IRA's, etc.), statements on non-term life insurance that shows cash value, stock/bond certificates and other investment statements.

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